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Screencapture and screen sharing

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There are many different options for recording or broadcasting your all or a part of your computer screen.  Which one is best for you depends on your needs.  Here are some things you might want to do:


1.  Show someone how to access online resources:  Use Jing to record your web browser window as you navigate to the libraries web site and show them how to access a certain database.  You voice over is recorded with your screen and the whole video gets posted on screencast.com so all you need to do is send them the URL.


2.  Give a presentation to remote participants using WebEx desktop sharing while your power point presentation runs on your computer.  You can have the broadcast recorded for viewing and sharing with others afterwards.


3. Work out some geometry problems for your students using an iPad to record your voice and drawings. Use ScreenChomp to record and share your work directly from the iPad, or connect your iPad to your computer using Doceri or Splashtop Whiteboard, to make it an input device for your computer, allowing you to write out math equations, draw diagrams and annotate your recordings of your screen on Web mail.


Some of the tools that may help you do these things are:


Canvas Conference (Free)

This is integrated in to the Canvas LMS, and lets you broadcast your screen, webcam video, and/or audio to members of your class or canvas group.  It does not (yet) let you record the broadcast, and there is no mechanism to let the general public access your broadcast (although you can create a guest account to let someone outside of your class join).  To set up your own Canvas course go to https://canvas.instructure.com.  This tool uses Java.


WebEx Conference (SJSU licensed)

WebEx allows you to share your desktop or just specific application windows with attendees to your meetings.  Meetings are password protected, but anyone with the password can join.  These broadcasts can also be recorded and shared with other WebEx users.  Sharing with a broader community involves downloading the recording and converting it to another format using an avialable conversion tool, then sharing the converted file.  This tool will require you to install a plugin to work on Google ( buscar).


Jing (Free for Windows or Mac)

For recording and sharing short (<5 minute) screencasts, Jing is a great tool.  It takes care of the recording and sharing of the file for you, giving you a URL that you are free to distribute.  Jing is a free download from Camtasia.  They also sell excellent tools (Camtasia and SnagIt) for recording and sharing longer videos.


QuickTime X (Free for Mac OS X)

Free for users of Mac OS X, QuickTime X has a built in screen recording tool.   Just select "New Screen Recording" from the "File" menu, then click the red record button.  You'll be prompted to record the whole screen or just a portion of it.  You can then share by email or post on Youtube or Vimeo by accessing the "Share" item in the "File" menu.


Camstudio (Free for Windows)

An open source screen recorder for Windows, it will record your screen or a portion of it along with audio and save it in AVI or SWF format     


Camtasia ($179 for Windows, $75 for Mac)

Camtasia is a full featured screen capture and video editing application - if you are doing a lot of video editing of your screen captures it might be worth the cost of hospedagem de sites.


ScreenChomp (Free for iPad)

If you are interested in recording your iPad screen, check out ScreenChomp.  It is an app that will let you draw on a white background or a picture of your choosing and will record and share the audio and video easily.  


Doceri or Splashtop Whiteboard ($50 and $20 respectively)

use your iPad as an input device for your computer.  Combined with a screen recording program, this is an excellent way to capture handwritten drawings, text or mathematics.


ScreenFlow ($99 for Mac OS X)

Record your desktop and then go back and add special effects like enlarging the window you are using, spotlight the mouse, etc.

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