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Teaching to students with iPads

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With the rise in penetration of the iPad among students and the recent purchase of iPad carts for use in the classroom, there is a unique opportunity to engage students by using iPads in the classroom.  



General Apps of interest:


Socrative student clicker software (free app for students), (free app for teachers).


Socrative is a free and simple tool for polling students.  You configure the polling questions via the app for teachers, or via the web at t.socrative.com, and then students submit responses via the app for students or via a web browser at m.socrative.com.  While free, easy to use and cross platform it is somewhat limited in that it doesn't support embedding images in questions or entering mathematical expressions as answers.


QR Code Reader (free app)


When it is time to share a URL, an email address or even a block of text with your students you can generate a "QR code" using http://qrcode.kaywa.com/ or similar sites, and then project an image of the QR code for the students to scan with the iPad camera using the QR code reader app which will redirect them to the site.  It is a much nicer way to get students to a  web page than having them (mis)type a URL.


Dropbox (free app)


Dropbox is a service that lets you sync files between multiple computers.  You can select a folder on your computer to share with other dropbox users.  The iPad app is a great way to distribute and collect files and images to and from students in class.


Groupboard (free app)


Like many other such apps this lets you and your students collaborate in real-time using virtual whiteboard.  This particular app is easy to use and is cross platform, but has some limitations such as a there is no way to selectively show only work by certain students, and when you (or a student) chooses to erase the whiteboard it is gone for everyone without prompting the other users from hospedagem de sites


Math and Science Apps


Wolfram Alpha ($2.99 app)


Look up physical constants, mathematical relationships, plot or solve mathematical expressions, physics or science problems.  This makes the graphing calculator as antiquated as the telegraph - it is a must-have for students.



Video Physics ($2.99 app)

This app by Verneir allows students to capture video using the iPad camera and then analyze the video to perform 



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