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Incubator Classroom

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The incubator classroom is a completely new learning space designed to facilitate teaching and learning. The Classroom enables professors to experiment with flexible learning environments and technology tools selected to enhance faculty-student interaction, encourage active learning, and increase student involvement.


Faculty and students can utilize a variety of technologies focused on collaboration, recording classwork, and transforming the learning space.  The classroom continues to evolve and change based on user feedback, and new technologies are incorporated into the practice of teaching and learning. If you are interested in teaching in the Incubator Classroom



  • How do I connect the ceiling microphones to a skype call?
  • What advice do experienced incubator classroom instructors have for new incubator classroom instructors
  • How can I design and show a floor plan for the room

In the faculty folder on the incubator server is a file called IC111SB-layout that shows a floorplan with movable and rotatable tables. 

  • How do I use the smart-boards as regular whiteboards that I can draw on?

Pick up a digital marker and start drawing.  Do not use dry erase markers because they will degrade the surface of the boards.

  • How long does it take as an instructor to get up to speed?





  • Chrome Internet Browser
  • One-on-one training in incubator classroom

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